3rd Annual YXEATS!

Riversdale's Premiere Food Festival

Wed, Sept 6th – Sun, Sept 10th, 2017


YXEATS is all about exploring the eclectic food scene in Riversdale. It’s the best time to check out the mouth-watering options prepared by some of Saskatoon’s finest Chefs in the vibe of their own restaurant or to attend ticketed events designed to surprise and delight.



Whether you crave comfort or adventure in food, YXEATS offers something for every palate.


How to make the most of your YXEATS experience



Take in the specially curated YXEATS menus, crafted by some of Saskatoon’s finest Chefs & most popular, locally owned restaurants. Support great food produced right here in Saskatchewan.


Indulge in cooking schools that are yummy and inspired, progressive meals that sample and sizzle, and a mustard dinner that is uptown & upscale but definitely not uptight.


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Experience Riversdale



Directly through the centre of the neighbourhoods of Riversdale and Pleasant Hill, 20th Street West has served as a commercial corridor in Saskatoon for more than 100 years. Once known for being the neighbourhood your Mother told you never to go to, Riversdale’s renaissance over the past 10 years has been nothing short of amazing. 

New shops and restaurants have opened to fuel your appetite for the unique, the different, the out of the ordinary.  A reminder of a simpler time, Riversdale combines all the comforts of small town living, with the excitement and energy that only Downtown Saskatoon can bring!


Feast your Eyes!


Here's just a little taste of some of our YXEATERIES...


... Join in on the fun, Won't you?!