9 Mile + Fable Ice | Beer Floater

And a quintessential summertime treat, featuring a colab between 2 of our 2019 restaurants, 9Mile Legacy and Fable Ice Cream.  

*9Mile brews are available in the taproom on 20th St or at Co-op, Sobey’s, Metro and SLGA.  

*Fable is available in takeout containers at Fable on Ave H.

Beer Floater

9Mile Angus Stout or Doppelbock (seasonal offering) – approx 6 oz 

Fable Ice Cream – 1 large scoop Chocolate or Cookie Dough (especially good with Doppelbock)

Pour beer in large glass.  Add ice cream.  

Be prepared, this one can get messy as the ice cream sometimes makes a geyser so watch carefully!  

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy!

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